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Tami Brewster

Tami Brewster

Professional Learning Specialist

Tami Brewster is a dynamic and enthusiastic educator, who has a deep passion for teaching and learning. As an Apple Teacher, Apple Professional Learning Specialist, and Apple Distinguished Educator hailing from Montreal, she is committed to creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of her students. Tami believes that every learner has the potential to unlock greatness and creativity. A firm believer in equity, diversity, and inclusion, she places a great deal of importance on creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Room 201

Visual Narratives

Storytelling provides a meaningful way to encourage self-reflection, explore student identity and build community. Join us for this hands-on session where we will explore using iPad to empower students to create digital books that represent personal, cultural and social identity. Participants will explore ways to create multi-modal artifacts that use photos, videos, drawings, and audio clips that capture student stories in their own images and words using Pages. The session will also provide relevant examples and discuss strategies for approaching student voice through digital text creation and publishing.