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Nancy MacLeod

Nancy MacLeod

Owner | The Steeper Climb

Nancy MacLeod is the founder of The Steeper Climb, a business dedicated to the empowerment and personal growth of individuals. Nancy develops and delivers (on-line or in-person) educational programming, training sessions and workshops designed to support individuals (youth and adults) through self-reflection and goal setting. Nancy has over 30 years of experience as an educator and administrator in Indigenous communities. Nancy’s approach to supporting individuals in personal growth has been strongly influenced by her keen interest and personal study of the power of the mind and the importance of self-belief. Nancy has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies.

Room 102

A Story - The Potential of Virtual Book Clubs

This presentation will be in the form of storytelling. The story will share how The Steeper Climb Virtual Book Clubs began with NADACA, how they evolved, and their impact as depicted in anecdotal evidence. It will also include ideas and opportunities for further development including addressing any identified challenges. The participants will be encouraged to discuss how Virtual Book Clubs could become a part of their respective education programs (P-12 & Adult Learning Programs) and why/how they could have impact.