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Kim Mackinnon

Kim Mackinnon

Elementary Technology Integration Consultant

Kim is the Elementary Technology Integration Consultant for MK. Over the past 4 years she has provided support, PD, coaching, co-teaching and so much more. She meets you at your tech ability level to bring engaging creative lessons and activities to your classroom that you can easily recreate at a later date. She loves how using technology in the classroom allows for all learners to represent learning in ways that meets their own needs and abilities.

Room 102

Coding/Robotics Playground

Come and try out some of the coding and robotics available for elementary students. Listen as people co-operate, problem solve and explore their way through using these devices together.

Room 202

Using Book Creator to Include Language Learning and Culture

In this session we will learn how to use Book Creator to help make language and culture learning more engaging. We will practice adding photos and voice recordings to create a simple book. This session would be great for both speakers and non speakers.