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Jacqueline Prosper

Jacqueline Prosper

Treaty Education Lead

Jacqueline resides in Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation where she lived most of her life and raised her three daughters. Before beginning her work in Treaty Education, she worked in a provincial school for eight years where she taught Mi’kmaw language and culture, Mi’kmaw Studies and Social Studies. During this time, Jacqueline consulted in curriculum writing and development for Mi’kmaw Studies and Language. Jacqueline began her work in Treaty Education in team development of the Treaty Education framework for curriculum writers, resource review for indigenous learning and later on consulted on resource development of Mi’kmaw resources. All of the fore mentioned experience has given Jacqueline the experience and knowledge that has led her to the appointed position of Treaty Education Lead of Nova Scotia. Jacqueline plans to continue the important work of overseeing the creation of Mi’kmaw resources for schools and fostering the working relationship between Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey, and the province.

Room 202

Teaching about the Treaty Relationship

This presentation will discuss the journey of Treaty Education and all of its successes and challenges. We will give an overview of all of the work being done for community and public schools as well as public sectors and the general public. We will also be bringing the most recent resources developed by treaty education Nova Scotia.