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Elizabeth Cremo

Elizabeth Cremo

Director of Education

Elizabeth Cremo is a Mi'kmaq/L’nu educator from Eskasoni, Nova Scotia, Canada who serves as the Director of Education for the Eskasoni School Board. Elizabeth received her earliest education in a locally controlled First Nations School Board who demonstrated the value of honouring Mi'kmaq/L’nu culture in education, so it was natural that she return to serve teaching in her home community with her B.Ed and M.Ed as a teacher, principal and education director. Elizabeth believes that strongest assets we have are our kinship, language and culture as Mi'kmaq/L’nu people. These gifts from our ancestors prepare our students for the future; when they know and believe in themselves, the potential is limitless.

Room 203

Values to Consider in L'nu Education

Elder interviews were conducted by the Eskasoni School Board as research into designing courses for the high school level. What emerged from the interviews was teachings from the elders on the values to consider in L'nu education. This presentation shares those teachings as a basis for practice in L'nu education.