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Beverly Jeddore

Beverly Jeddore

Mi'kmaw Language Technician

I am from Eskasoni. I am from the Denny "Lobster" clan; the tenth child of the late Noel R & Sarah Denny. I am a Mi'kmaw traditional dancer. I am a mother of four; a grandmother and a grand grandmother (too many to mention). I am Se't A'n Mawio'mi hymn singer, a chanter, a Ko'jua dancer. I do Ko'jua presentations and have participants learn our traditional song and chant Ko'jua. I taught in Eskasoni Elementary as a grade 1 teacher, a Mi'kmaw teacher & an immersion Resource teacher for 28 years. I am currently working for MK and I create materials for language teachers & learners. I created the Mi'kmaw Language Verb Cards, Mi''maw Language Body Cards, Mi'kmaw Language Resource Conjugated Book, Animate & Inanimate Cards, Mi'kmaw Picture Dictionary, Nursery Rhymes in Mi'kmaw (recorded), & Christmas Songs (recorded) for our people and our language revitalization and preservation. I make videos using Explain Everything and also apps such as Sock Puppets.

Room 101

Language Materials

A brief description on how to maximize usage of materials developed and available to enhance your language journey